About John Cooley,

Hiya, I’m John Cooley an danish SEO Specialist and growth marketing freelancer, living with my patient wife and our three kids on the beautiful coastlines of Northern Zealand, just 20 minutes north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

I am also the founder of the micro agency Cooley Digitalthat’s a more expensive way of saying freelancer, I think – But it sure does sound cool!

I have worked in online marketing and sales since 1999, mainly focusing on SEO since 2006.

I’ve worked agency side, freelance, and in-house for big luxury brands, small startups, and many in between. Furthermore, I’m proud to have helped companies and organizations across various industries – from travel and hospitality to health tech and SaaS to eCommerce.

Not only that, but I love all the small and constantly changing parts of SEO and have a strong passion for Technical SEO, Content, and Link Building. Working in SEO is a lot like playing chess with an opponent that constantly changes the rules without telling you the new ones.

Before I ended up in SEO and growth marketing, I was an accountant trainee.

As a trainee accountant, I learned the ropes, the mindset, and the skills of the accounting profession by working side by side with a highly skilled and experienced accountant team.

Today I use those skills to see and understand the impact and meanings of even the most minor numbers and abnormalities in a chart from the web analytics tools and pinpoint where and how it will impact the annual account and, in the end, the client’s business.

Superpower or handicap?

Why not both?

I have Asperger’s syndrome, which, in addition to making several things more complicated than they should be, like social gatherings, has also given me several advantages and strengths when it comes to analytical work and overview of complex data sets, such as search engine optimization work.

John Cooley with VisitDenmark in London, UK

I usually joke that I was born with the cheat codes for SEO, and I can promise you that if you keep hanging out around this blog long enough, you will get to know some, if not most, of those “codes”. 

This blog will be my playground for all the silly ideas and briefly interesting stories-contra the one on my agency website, where I need to focus just a little on our leading service.

But, what can I learn from John Cooley?

I don’t give any promises, but the right now-on paper-this blog will be covering topics such as;

  • SEO
  • Black hat SEO: I will open the doors to the most inner circles of the SEO industry and show you it all
  • Content marketing
  • Online marketing in general,
  • Social media marketing
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • Freelancing and starting an agency
  • Marketing tools, and a lot of them
  • AI in Marketing
  • SEO AI
  • WordPress-well, it’s a big part of my job, so…
  • And the stuff I already forgot.

Living my best life—love that expression.

I must admit that I am living my best life with my wife of 21 years, our three kids, and two dogs— a little too big for the house — in a coastal city north of Copenhagen.

I’m excited to see you here at my happy place.

Cheers, John Cooley

SEO Strategist & Enterprise Growth Hacker

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